SQABD Lightning Talks 2

August 27th 2008 // Events + Presentations

Today I had a good time at the SQABD Lightning Talks 2. I missed the first one, so I was quite determined to make it this time. And so I did. I also, somehow, ended up being one of the presenters. I talked about “Convention Over Configuration”. Though, it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but over all it was fine I guess. It was a very high level discussion about the design paradigm, and I wasn’t able to get into much details. And since they only gave 5 mins per presentation, I had to make it very quick. Over all, I am happy with my presentation: my first in any public tech gathering. I am sharing my presentation slides, and the videos of the presentation below. For the videos, a big thank goes to Aman bhai to capture it, and Manzil to so some neat editing.

Convention Over Configuration

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Update: here is the video of my presentation. Aman bhai captured it and Manzil edited it. Thanks guys! Here it is:

Update 2: and here is the question & answer part that followed after the presentation

I also enjoyed the other presentations. There were some really good ones. Over all it was fun! Getting to meet so many tech people under one roof in Bangladesh is really rare. I hope we have more tech sessions like this in the future. Thanks SQABD for organizing such a wonderful event! :)

  1. Afruj // August 28th 2008

    Congratulations.It was really very nice presentation.

  2. Anupom // August 28th 2008

    It was a great presentation! I really enjoyed it! Hope to see some more from you! Cheers!

  3. Ahsan // August 28th 2008

    @Afruj: Thank you :)
    @Anupom: did you? I thought you didnt! :P

  4. Simin // August 31st 2008

    i just checked ur presentation slides in slide share and commented on it…dnt worry it went something like this ” really like it..simple and interesting :):P wish i was there that day!

    P.S. You forgot to show me the slides in masquite grille :?

  5. Sajjadul Hakim // August 31st 2008

    Hey Ahsan…It was a good try :) You have a lot of potential, and can really spice things up. InshaAllah you will do a lot better in the next SQABD Lightning Talks. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

    Great…you even got a video. I don’t mind the darkness as long as I can hear it. But where is the Q&A part? :)

    Sajjadul Hakim
    Coordinator, SQABD

  6. Musfiq // August 31st 2008

    i missed the lightning talk again…& ur presentation…i wanted to be there so much…but couldn’t …anyways congrats for the speech…& best of luck for the next time,

  7. nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan) // August 31st 2008

    it was nice presentation, really loved it.

  8. Ahsan // September 01st 2008

    @Simin: I wish you were there too :)

    @Sajjad bhai: Thx Sajjad bhai for the good words. One thing I learned, for 5mins presentation, I really need to prepare well. Next time hopefully it will be better, and well paced :) I am too lazy to upload the QA section on Youtube :P

    @Musfiq: thx dude, be there next time! Its fun!! :)

    @Hasan: Thx man! All these good words are making me more eager to do better next time, if I get the opportunity. Hope to see your presentation next time too :)

    Thanks again guys! :)

  9. Nafis // September 01st 2008

    Ahsan Vai, you are always great..

    I won’t miss next time..
    Hope see you in a rock concert also…

  10. Saimon // September 02nd 2008

    Ahsan vai it was very good. I have enjoyed it. :)

  11. Ahsan // September 02nd 2008

    @Nafis @Saimon: Thank you guys :)

  12. Manzil // September 07th 2008

    @Ahsan, welcome - hope you liked the Video Editing part :)

    Keep rocking ..Waiting to see more from you on the coming events.

    All the best !

  13. Sajjadul Hakim // January 02nd 2010

    Hey Ahsan,

    Heres your spotlight on SQABD:

  14. Ahsan // January 04th 2010

    @Sajjad bhai: nice! Thx! :)

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