Why am I blogging?

May 26th 2008 // My Blog

Like all people, I have got issues too. I can not just do a thing, as the Nike tag line suggests. I need to have deeper reasons and motives for anything that I am pursuing. So, while checking the blog stats for the first day of this blog (150+ in 24hrs, not bad according to my standards), I started to wonder, why am I blogging? This post tries to clear me the reasons.

Knowing why I am blogging has its advantages too. I think it will make me more focused on what I am trying to achieve. And that will result in more regular blogging. So after giving it a thought, I figured the following reasons for blogging:

  1. Another means of communicating with colleagues and peers: This is very important in our profession, because everyday we work with people who are located thousands of miles apart. Though online communication has improved drastically (mail, IM, voice and video conferencing), I still feel there are gaps in understanding and communication. It is very easy to mis-understand or over-understand an issue. One of the main reasons for this is that the person I am talking to doesn’t really know me that well. I am just words or voices that they see and hear in their computers. If only they knew me better, the changes of mis-communication can be minimized. This blog can be the means for my long distance colleagues and peers to know me better, and thus can help in better communication.
  2. Documentation of what I am learning: I want this blog to be a documentation of all the things that I am learning about web programming (and more). I have almost a goldfish memory when it comes to keeping track of all the things that I have done or learned from my experience. There are numerous accounts of situations when I needed to solve a problem quickly, then may be after a few months I had to deal with a similar issue. But, then I see that I have no clue how I did it. This can be very frustrating sometimes. Some people may have better memory, but thats not my situation. Besides, if I am blogging about it, I can review it later whenever I want.
  3. Discuss my ideas and thoughts with people:Another advantage of blogging is its power to share and discuss ideas, thoughts, practices and more. I may have figured out a clever way to solve a problem, but there might be smarter solutions from someone else. Only by sharing and discussing we can achieve better solutions to any kind of problems.
  4. I love to write:This is the last and the most important reason of all. Lately, I realized that I like to write. Specially if its about web technologies and software development. So, one of the reasons this blog exist is to fulfill my desire to write. It doesn’t get more honest that this ;)

It feels good to know the reasons behind my blogging renausance. I know all the reasons discussed above may not be unique to me. I am sure most people who blog also has reasons similar to this. But, I think, many people do not know why they are blogging. As a result, they start to put stuffs that may not be doing them any good at all. Or they lose interest in blogging. If you are reading this, and if you blog, do you know your reasons for blogging? Ofcourse, I am not saying that you must have reasons. Its perfectly ok not to have any, as long as you like blogging. But, just think about it, and I will be glad if you share it with me :)

  1. hera // November 23rd 2009

    Keep up the blogging!

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