Why Ahsanity?

May 24th 2008 // My Blog

I have been using the self invented word “Ahsanity” as my google id for the last 5 years. As you see, I have also named my blog the same. So what’s the big deal with the word Ahsanity? Here is a history lesson for people who might be interested (that might compute to no one at all).

As far as I remember, the first google id I registered was ahsanul.bari. Very formal and professional for an email address, but I was not happy with it. I was looking for something that represented me at that time. Also, I wanted something that was unique. One day, it just happened, that I was hanging out with Mitul, a very close friend. She was making fun of me for something very silly I did. I really do not remember what I did, but she was having a fun time “pochafying” me. I remember she asked me why did I do it. I replied that because I was insane. She laughed back, and said that no I was not insane, I was ahsane.

Later, that gave me the idea of coming up with the word ahsanity. So for people who are good in maths, this might help:

Ahsan + Insanity = Ahsanity

I opened a google id with it, and is the primary email that I use. My first blog (my second, to be completely honest) that I opened in wordpress.com was also named the same. I also use it in many other online places (just check my contact page). I know it is silly, but some how the word stuck. So, when the time came to choose a domain name, I really didnt have to think much.

  1. Rayhan Chowdhury // May 26th 2008

    really nice innovation!

  2. Daniel Hofstetter // May 26th 2008

    You could also say it is: Ahsan + Sanity = Ahsanity ;-)

  3. Ahsan // May 26th 2008

    @Rayhan: Thanks ;)

    @Daniel: If you know me better, I think you will agree too that using sanity doesn’t really go ;)

  4. Mohamed // August 19th 2008

    Hi brother Ahsan,

    I am not sure if you know that your name is from Arabic origin. Here is my two scents:

    The first time I read your name, as an Arabic person, sounds like that to me:

    Ahasn Al-Bari.

    In Arabic, the word “Ahsan” means “the best” and Al-Bari means “the creator = Allah”. So, your name sound to me.

    It would be different if your name is written this way:

    Ehsaan Al-Bari. Ehsaan in Arabic means “charity or good deeds” and this way, your name would mean “a bless or charity from Allah”.

    I know that you lived in Lybia for 13 years. Do you speak Arabic then?


  5. Ahsan // August 25th 2008

    @Mohamed: wow! Thx for describing the meaning so elaborately :) Yes, during my times in Libya, I use to speak and understand Arabic quite well. Now, I cant speak much, but I still do understand abit of Arabic. Thx again for the comment. Btw, where are you from?

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