Wordpressing in my own server space and domain :)

May 19th 2008 // My Blog

After planning for a long long time (like many things in my life), I have finally been able to get sometime and motivation to move into my own server space. As you have already noticed (or am I over estimating you?), I have also managed to install Wordpress.

There are still a few things that I need to tidy up, before i can show it off to the world:

  1. Get myself a better template
  2. Write a “About Me” page
  3. Install a few plugins
  4. Add some cool widgets
  5. Think about what else I missed

I have been contemplating about this for a long time (honestly, this in one thing I am good at) to design my own template for my blog. But, haven’t actually manage to get some time. May be this time, I will finally do it.

I am still not sure which plugins I will need, so need to do some research on that one. Same goes for widgets.

But, anyway, let me get back to the celebration mood! Having Wordpress installed in my own space will give me the freedom to change and customize whatever I want. It will give me the opportunity to experiment with the Wordpress code. This is something that I always wanted to do.

And most importantly, I hope this new blog will get me back in the habit of writing blogs. Wish me luck :)

  1. Ehsan // June 27th 2008

    Good to see it. I’ve also installed WP on my own server after maintaining my custom made blog and site for about 8 years. I just don’t have time to come up with new design for it, so I switched to WP. But I am struggling to find good template for it too, may be I will keep WP running and, like you want to do, design my own WP template(s).

  2. Ehab // November 02nd 2008

    You have made the Right choice !

  3. Ahsan // November 03rd 2008

    @Ehab yup, so far so good :)

  4. Salmon // January 06th 2009

    What should I do after I get my domain name in http://www.name.com? How to get space to launch website? Please give me primary details as I am very new to domain registration, space, web design. Thanks

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