CakePHP Book Reviews

October 27 2008 // CakePHP Book // 3 Comments

It has been around 3 months that our (Anupom and mine) book on CakePHP got published. This was our first effort in writing a book, and we both weren’t sure how well it will be accepted. More importantly, we were anxious to know how helpful it will be to people who wanted to learn CakePHP.

But after 3 months, I am very glad to say that both the CakePHP community, and PHP programmers who are eager to learn CakePHP, has liked it. We both are very happy to know that many people bought the book and found it helpful. The CakePHP community was also very generous to welcome and appreciate our effort. I thank all who bought and appreciated our book.

I am also glad that many people took the effort to review our book. Most of them are well known figures in the CakePHP, PHP and web development communities. Here are the reviews by:

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September 07 2008 // My Blog + Personal // 4 Comments

A close friend of mine left for Australia today. After seeing him off, and realizing the fact that I will not be able to escape to him when I need to (which I did from time to time), made me feel sad. No, it made me feel empty! Even the smilies in my blog were making me feel down. They looked so lousy!!!

But then, I realized, that the smilies in my blog were always lousy. Yeah they are! I hate the smilies that Wordpress use by default. They look so crappy. And lousy too!

So, I decided to change them. I googled to find myself a better Smilies Pack. After going through some, I decided on Logans Smileys 0.3.5. I even thanked the creator, though I didnt understand a single word in his blog (it was written in a different language). Then I figured out where the smiley images were located in my blog web directory ([wordpress_directory]/wp-includes/images/smilies/), and replaced the old smiley images with the new ones. Oops! The new ones were in png format, where as the old were in gif. Realized that this may create problem. So googled again, and found this, and this. Then did the necessary changes, and learned a few things about the wordpress code. Lastly uploaded the new images, and the code changes. And yes, then finally some peace of mind!

Check my new smiles: :) :D :( :o 8O :? 8) :x :P :| ;) :lol: :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :mrgreen:

Felt lot better after doing this. Atleast the smilies are not lousy now.

And Sajib, if you are reading this, then know that I will be missing you! :cry:

Making Old Feeds Work in New Facebook

September 06 2008 // Facebook Application Development // 13 Comments

To publish news feeds, older applications used one of the following methods: feed.publishStoryToUser, feed.publishActionOfUser, and feed.publishTemplatizedAction. But due to the changes in the New Facebook, these methods no longer work. As a result, these applications are only able to publish news feeds if the user is still using the old facebook. But, when used in the new UI, no feeds are published.

While trying to make some of our legacy apps to work in the new facebook, I found that doing it is not really a very difficult task. But, unfortunately I didnt find good docs that explained the procedure clearly, and easily. Here I will try to explain the procedure with a simple example.

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SQABD Lightning Talks 2

August 27 2008 // Events + Presentations // 14 Comments

Today I had a good time at the SQABD Lightning Talks 2. I missed the first one, so I was quite determined to make it this time. And so I did. I also, somehow, ended up being one of the presenters. I talked about “Convention Over Configuration”. Though, it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but over all it was fine I guess. It was a very high level discussion about the design paradigm, and I wasn’t able to get into much details. And since they only gave 5 mins per presentation, I had to make it very quick. Over all, I am happy with my presentation: my first in any public tech gathering. I am sharing my presentation slides, and the videos of the presentation below. For the videos, a big thank goes to Aman bhai to capture it, and Manzil to so some neat editing.

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My Updates

July 14 2008 // My Updates // 1 Comment

I just checked the date of my last post, and its almost 2 months that I have written anything here. This is not really a surprise for people who know me, but this time I have some believable excuses. The last month had been a roller coaster ride for me, for various reasons. I ended up working almost 12 to 16 hours per day, including weekends. But, it was all worth it. I am not going to discuss the whats, whys and hows of my “busyness”. Instead let me just highlight some of the things that kept me busy.

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Why am I blogging?

May 26 2008 // My Blog // 1 Comment

Like all people, I have got issues too. I can not just do a thing, as the Nike tag line suggests. I need to have deeper reasons and motives for anything that I am pursuing. So, while checking the blog stats for the first day of this blog (150+ in 24hrs, not bad according to my standards), I started to wonder, why am I blogging? This post tries to clear me the reasons.

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Why Ahsanity?

May 24 2008 // My Blog // 5 Comments

I have been using the self invented word “Ahsanity” as my google id for the last 5 years. As you see, I have also named my blog the same. So what’s the big deal with the word Ahsanity? Here is a history lesson for people who might be interested (that might compute to no one at all).

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Blog Update

May 24 2008 // My Blog // Comment

As promised to myself, I did do some of the changes that I wanted in this blog. I got her a new theme, added a few helpful plugins, and tiny miny changes here and there.

First of all, I have thrown away the idea of creating my own Wordpress theme. The main reason being that I just don’t have much time. And the real main reason being that my CSS skills are like a granny. I just don’t have the patience to sit all day and get confused with all the CSS attributes and properties. So I thought it is better to just search for a theme.

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Wordpressing in my own server space and domain :)

May 19 2008 // My Blog // 4 Comments

After planning for a long long time (like many things in my life), I have finally been able to get sometime and motivation to move into my own server space. As you have already noticed (or am I over estimating you?), I have also managed to install Wordpress.

There are still a few things that I need to tidy up, before i can show it off to the world:

  1. Get myself a better template
  2. Write a “About Me” page
  3. Install a few plugins
  4. Add some cool widgets
  5. Think about what else I missed

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